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Installing Lorex IP Camera PC Software

Lorex SHD K (4MP) P/T/Z Camera & CLR NV. The Lorex IP security camera can be install on a home network without the use of a Network Video Recorder (NVR) or Digital Video Recorder (DVR).

The following similar devices are needed:
  • Cisco RV325 Gigabit Dual WAN VPN Router
  • Cisco SG200-26Port Gigabit PoE Smart Switch
  • Optional POE Power Injector

Download and install Luxriot_EVO_x64_1.13.0

Forward HTTP and client ports to stream and view video over Internet. Port forwarding info Lorex Cameras.

Cameras using dynamic ip addresses should be added to a Cloud base DDNS service such as No-IP, or DNY.

A Downloadable NACL Web Plugin is then used to control the camera's port and IP settings.

Stream your Luxriot EVO video live on YouTube:
Stream Surveillance Video For Free Live On YouTube.
Introduction to Youtube Livestreaming.

Uninstalling Flir Cloud Client PC Software

Flir Cloud Client.
Uninstall FLIR Cloud Client if you have forgotton your password or need to remove an older version.

WARNING! Do not perform the following steps unless you know what you are doing.

• Press the Win key + R to open the "Run" window.
• Type regedit, press Enter to open Registry Editor.
• Select HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE from list on left.
• Press Ctrl + F to open the search box.
• Search for "smartpss" without quotes.
• You should see some or all of these folders:
   ♦ SmartPSS   ♦ PSS   ♦ PC-NVR
• Right click on each folder to delete it.
• Close the Registry Editor.
• Open the Windows File Explorer and locate
• Delete the FLIRCloudClient folder.
• Go to Add/Remove Programs
• Double click on Flir Cloud Client to remove it.
• You can now reinstall the software.

To reinstall a newer version, follow this link:
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